Collection: Royal Protectors

New to the Royal Protectors world? Here’s all you need to know!

You first meet the Royal Protectors and Prince Sandor in the The Royal Trilogy: Nowhere Left to Fall, Nowhere Left to Run, and Nowhere Left to Hide. It’s the series that leads to this one. You can read it for background on King Erik and Queen Casey, but it’s not necessary. The Royal Protectors is the spinoff.

The series kicks off with SANDOR. The surly prince has finally met his match in retired United States Marine Lennox. There’s a lot more than bodyguard duties going on with these two.

COCKY PROTECTOR is a crossover novel set in the Cocky Heroes Club world, and falls into the series as book 1.5. Ace and Shannon shared a kiss ten years ago and now he’s back in her life in a completely unexpected way.

Next up is XANDER. The bodyguard has no expectations for romance in his new job as a Royal Protector, but keeping Princess Elen out of trouble is no cake walk. She’s both a thorn in his side and the most exciting woman he’s ever met.

GUNNAR is a novella (consider it book 2.5), featuring military intelligence officer Gunnar and Lennox’s sister, Vivian. They find more than they bargained for at Sandor and Lennox’s wedding!

AXEL is the next book in the series and he wasn’t prepared to meet a smart but innocent virgin at this stage of his life. The gorgeous computer nerd gives him a run for his money.

DAX is a special crossover novel, set in the two worlds of the Las Vegas Sidewinders and the Royal Protectors. He’s struggling to find meaning in his life, no matter how much he loves hockey. When goes on a journey to find both love, with his best friend’s twin sister Isla, and a new path, he isn’t expecting it to be with the Royal Protectors.

ROYALLY PROTECTED is another novella that brings us back to Sandor and Lennox (unofficially book 3.5). She’s pregnant with twins and an attack on the palace puts everyone at risk.

Coming soon is COOPER, book four in the series and a full-length novel featuring U.S. Marine Captain Ryan Cooper and newly assigned Royal Protector Natalia. They have nothing in common and live thousands of miles apart but love and danger have a way of bringing people together.