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Author Kat Mizera

Rock On (Rock Harder Book 4)

Rock On (Rock Harder Book 4)

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She was the one who got away.

Slipped right through my fingers.

My crush, my muse, my wife.

When she asked for a divorce, I had no choice but to let her go, but my heart would never comply.

Not even after the shocking revelation that rocked me to my core.

I’ll never stop loving her, but I don’t know if I can ever forgive her.

Seeing her again brings memories crashing to the surface, feelings I’d rather stay buried.

Now I’m torn between the love we shared and the hate I’m desperate to feel for her.

It would make everything so much easier.

What happens when lightning strikes twice?

I have no idea.

But, we’re about to find out.

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Customer Reviews

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sharon rosenthal
A very complicated story for Harley and Tommy

I received a complimentary early release e-book prior to release and am voluntarily leaving a review.

If you are new this series, it's a rock n roll second chance romance between a couple that loved each other but who is also divorced. There are some huge secrets in this story, not really from us the readers but between Harley and Tommy, the couple who was married, divorced and are now forced to interact.

Tommy is in a rock band and his best friend in the band was a bisexual named Carter. Carter lusted after Tommy but was in love with Harley. These three, Carter, Tommy and Harley had a threesome, ONCE, years before. Soon after Harley divorced Tommy, and no one really knew why. But Carter committed suicide three years before and told everyone he and Harley had a child. He pretty much left her in charge of his estate as guardian of his child, River. Which is why she is now in contact with the band. its members and Tommy again.

With Carter's death both Harley and Tommy are doing pretty awful. Harley is depressed and needs major help. Tommy is devastated by the fact that Tommy and Harley have a child. One aspect of this story is that Tommy cannot have children and Harley has always dreamed of family and children. I mention that because fertility can be a very sensitive subject for some readers, and it is a big part of this story. This is not a light read, as suicide, drug addiction and overdosing are also a part of this story.

What I did like about this story was how Tommy and Harley realize they need help, and they get it. This is a really hard first step and I really respected that they wanted to get better. I also really loved their honesty with each other and how much they really love each other and how Carter helps to bring them closer to each other with his final gift to them.

This was an extremely well written story that I really could not put down. While I did not love every aspect of this story, I loved how real the characters are and that they finally gain control and the life they want. It's not easy, it's a long road but the author told this story in a such a beautiful way.